The mobile EEG cap, developed and produced for you in Germany, enables you to make reliable EEG recordings in the practice and at home with the patient. It relieves you in your everyday life by the flexible use and provides high quality and reliable recordings under alsmot any condition.

Features of TELEMEDI Platform

Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication and information technology to provide healthcare from a distance.


EEG recording in patient’s usual environment. No stress = Better EEG.


Saving time for the MTA


Possibility to do longer recordings and use dedicated software kit.

For Whom?

Can record EEG at home in a real and known environment before any symptoms appear.

Can easily train the patient on how to use the device home.

Can analyze the recording afterwards using the F1 software kit.

Approach for neurology

Monitoring patients with neurological risk by measuring brain activity in their daily lives.


  • Elder Care at Home
  • Medical Care in Rural Areas
  • Reduction of Stress for Patients
  • Reduction of Health Care Cost


Reach the exact positions of the 10-20 system for a valuable recording on all heads types.
  • Patients from all ages
  • Huge range of possible shapes and sizes : e.g. circumference varies from 500 mm to 650 mm.

Comfort for all users

  • Device holds firmly on the head for the best signal recording
  • Adaptive electrodes
  • Fits well even for Patients with glasses
  • Placement on the head without professional assistance
  • On the head for 2 hours in average
  • Adaptable : The cap comes in three different sizes to cover all the circumference
  • Ease of Placement: Placed by the Users Themselves


We accompany you through consultation, purchase and use of our product. We offer continuous maintenance and repair or individual services on request. Contact us to find the ideal support for you.